Manasota MRC Responds to Fire at the Port of Manatee

On Sunday, July 22, 2018, the Manasota Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) responded to a fire at the Port of Manatee in Palmetto, Florida.

A fire broke out inside a bio-diesel tank at the port late Sunday evening. Multiple agencies from Manatee and Hillsborough Counties responded to the scene, along with Manatee County EMS. Approximately 60,000 gallons were inside tank, which sustained structural damage due to the fire.

Knowing that the they were going to be on scene for an extended period of time, EMS requested the MRC to set up a rehab station. Upon arriving on scene, the logistics team quickly sprung into action, setting up chairs and cooling fans inside their Medical Aid Station Trailer (MAST). Normally the station is set up outside, along the side of the trailer. However, due to incoming inclement weather and the fact that the trailer has A/C inside, the team decided to set up inside.

Following NFPA guidelines, MRC volunteers took vitals as firefighters entered the rehab station, and provided them chairs and water while they cooled down. After ten minutes, vitals were taken again and if within a normal range, firefighters were release back to the fire ground.

The MRC responded with an RN, EMT and two Logistics team members. Both the hazmat safety officer and on-duty EMS district chief thanked the them for their response.